Creating Solutions

Big data, and really, any company’s data probably grew more quickly than anticipated. The storage, organization and use of data is still in fledgling stages at many companies, and as a result, it can get a little messy to try and analyze anything. That’s where we come in. Our diverse group shares one key trait: problem solving.

Finding Insights

We are not calculators. Nor are we Excel sheets. Or SAS codes. We’re more than numbers and data fields. The difference we bring to the table is the tenacious curiosity and creativity that lead to useful knowledge regarding your data . We never show you numbers for the sake of numbers. We deliver insights.

Pushing Boundaries

We strive for more. We’re not the students satisfied with showing up and hoping to get those letters behind our name. We’re the students sorting through data for eight hours on a Sunday to accomplish one storytelling graph. We don’t run from formidable projects. In fact, we welcome them.

Become a part of the Mizzou Analytics Society community

Feel at home amongst your fellow nerds

We are the people who build charts and graphs for fun

If you’re passionate about data analytics, we want you to be a part of our network. Whether you’re a graduate student at the University of Missouri who wants to learn more, an alum who wants to keep in touch, a company aiming to hire top talent or a professional willing to share knowledge, we invite you to join us.

Collaborate with us

There are opportunities to partner with the Mizzou Analytics Society and the Mizzou MBA Program to execute an analytics project.

Hire our members

Members of the Mizzou Analytics Society are graduate students at the University of Missouri who will soon be seeking internships and full-time employment. We’re a talented, dedicated group of individuals.

Network & mentor

We welcome alumni and industry professionals to teach workshops, read our newsletter and attend events. We value our network and the value it brings.